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December 1, 2016

Hey! How you doing? Take a while and come listen to our list of good music from around the world!


Los Amigos Invisibles

'Los Amigos Invisibles' are a wonderful Venezuelan band and this is their new music! They put a hypnotic beat on this and now this is vicious! They'll give Mambo and you'll accept hahaha​


Abandon Kansas - Marching Around Me

What an incredible band! Indie pop rock, with something of country and lots of presence! You will hear this and you will not know why it is not more famous!


Pacific Gold - Gone to the Grave

They're a really good christian band and sounds like something from your childhood! Feel this vibe, dude!


Sonia Chammah - O vos o yo

Latin pop music! She is Argentine, plays guitar, has cool hair and makes a very interesting song! Come to Brazil! We're fun! 


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